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Social media has changed the way businesses advertise - from TV ads and radio jingles to pictures and videos. Video accounts for 80% of the global web traffic, with Facebook alone generating 8 billion video views per day. YouTube has over 1 billion active users per month, and the number of hours they spend on video is growing by 60% year on 

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One of the leading full-service video production agencies the UAE, Middle East and India. Crafting high quality videos rooted in a sensible content strategy is our specialty. As part of our experience of 16 years, we have created videos for different types of brands ​


  • smart devices with ease
  • HD face-to-face video communication capabilities
  • Secure, steady access to anyone with an IP connection or Thuraya IP+ unit
  • Package options for operational cost savings

Market Segments--Military

Thuraya Aero brings a rob

  • Take your business to the next level with expertly-crafted Prezi presentations. Tell your brand story in an engaging, inspiring and persuasive fashion; that’s sure to create a lasting impression. It has a visual storytelling capability unlike any other presentation platform. It combines spatial dimensions, motion and zoom capabilities allowing you to send your message across and get the attention of your audience

Fast Facts/ Benefits

●     Addresses niche market requirements for airborne communications and meets those specifications with superior, flexible solutions.

●     A ruggedized communication platform that delivers steady coverage for both fixed- and rotary wing aircrafts on low to medium level flights.

●     Operates at IP broadband speeds of 444Kbps, with an asymmetric streaming feature to ensure incredible performance at low airtime costs.

●     Runs on Thuraya’s L-band satellite network and enables users to stay connected across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

●     The compact aeronautical satellite system is designed for easy installation and supports several industry-specific peripherals.


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Take Off with Thuraya Aero

Thuraya empowers small- to medium aircrafts with steady connectivity, across the sky and over land and sea. It delivers a complete, cost-efficient in flight communication experience via Thuraya’s satellite network, with internet access, voice calls, text messaging, VOIP, video and audio conferencing, HD video surveillance, and more.

Thuraya Aero is powered by a partnership between Thuraya and the Aero Group - a global consortium of technology and service innovators with over 30 years of combined experience, consisting of:

• smp aviation
• Cobham
• SCOTTY Group
• SRT Wireless

Strong Framework for Aeronautical Communications

Working with established partners to deliver dependable systems



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