Special Operations

A second’s delay in communications could be costly to special operations units engaged in critical assignments for their governments. Thuraya’s highly secure, interoperable aero network opens up secure and uninterrupted voice, data and video connectivity for classified missions requiring secrecy and agility. 

Border Protection

Thuraya Aero delivers superior airborne satellite connectivity that aids military border protection operations with securing and safeguarding borders.


Aero’s airborne satellite communication hub is equipped to support sophisticated situational awareness operations and boost the military’s ability to extract surrounding information, identify threats, and anticipate and prepare for potential risks.


Troops engaged in critical military operations now have access to superior emergency medical services via medevac helicopters and air ambulances that are installed with Aero. 


To be the first to break a critical story, field teams should be able to connect to their newsrooms from practically anywhere, including the sky.

Business Jet

VIPs can furnish their business jet with Aero for a superior office-in-the-sky experience. Aero’s compact hardware, easy installation features, support of multiple peripherals and asymmetric streaming capabilities make it an attractive and affordable option for busy businessmen who require fluid access to work while on the move.

Firefighting & Police

For effective detection and fast action, firefighting across large areas often involves the use of aircrafts such as air tankers or water bombers. Thuraya Aero easily supports the necessary assets used in both fixed-wing aircrafts and helicopters for advanced success in operations such as aerial fire monitoring, wildfire control, and fire and rescue missions.


A healthy marine habitat plays a major role in contributing to a balanced ecosystem and in securing food sources, especially in developing economies.

Maritime Protection

The effective monitoring of territorial waters is absolutely essential to marine security and factors into the government’s overall role in border protection and the preparedness against threats. With Aero, 

Border Protection

Thuraya Aero delivers superior airborne connectivity to enable government border protection operations with safer, more secure and efficient borders. Aero is equipped with duplex communications systems and built-in video codecs for real-time voice, HD video and data transfer to ground control centers and multiple ground personnel.



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