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#Thuraya is providing #comms support to Mark Evans on his historic trek across the #EmptyQuarter (#RubAlKhali):

[Facebook] Black Box – White Hat | Drupal Watchdog

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Drupal has a pretty secure structure: a small, simple and stable core that can be extended with tons of modules and themes. From Drupal 7’s initial release on January 5, 2011 until now, there were only 17 core security updates, which is quite a small number for a period lasting longer than four year…

[Facebook] DrupalCampMelbourne; 2015 and the future | Realityloop

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DrupalCampMelbourne 2015 is tomorrow, the event for all Melbournian, Victorian and even interstate visiting Drupalers to have their opportunity to have their say.

[Facebook] Drupal 8 Rules M2 planned for March 2016

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The #d8rules team is excited to welcome Acquia to our list of supporters. With their generous support of fully funding milestone 2, fago & klausi can plan dedicated time over the next months to focus on getting the MVP of Rules for Drupal 8 done.

[Facebook] 18 Cool Drupal modules for site builders | November 2015 | Blog OpenLucius

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So.... Drupal 8 got released! Congrats everybody! The end of life of Drupal 6 is then final. In addition, the 16th of november it was announced that is now serving its content and files via Fastly; which is giving a significant performance boost, well done!

[Youtube] "Silent Night" ft. Plácido Domingo -ThePianoGuys

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[Facebook] BigPipe, no longer just for the top 50 websites | Dries Buytaert

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One thing that is exciting to me, is how much we appear to have gotten right in Drupal 8. The other day, for example, I stumbled upon a recent article from the LinkedIn Engineering team describing how they completely changed how their homepage is built. Their primary engineering objective was to del…

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