Border Protection

Secure borders with advanced airborne technology

Thuraya Aero delivers superior airborne satellite connectivity that aids military border protection operations with securing and safeguarding borders. Border patrolling missions are enhanced with Aero’s bi-directional communications platforms and built-in video codecs for real-time voice, HD video and data transfer to HQs, commanders and troops.

Even military patrol jeeps canvassing rough border regions can use the Thuraya Commander or IP+ to stream video or images to an Aero-equipped aircraft. Unlike most border patrol aircrafts that only transmit imagery up to a few kilometers, Aero uses Thuraya’s extensive satellite network to transmit infrared and daylight video, and target data across vast distances.

Aero enables aerial patrols to rapidly mobilize military personnel, deploy assets, and monitor infrastructure, radars and other technologies used in mission-critical border protection and surveillance operations.

Surveillance (Situational Awareness)

Stay ahead with airborne satcom and surveillance

Aero’s airborne satellite communication hub is equipped to support sophisticated situational awareness operations and boost the military’s ability to extract surrounding information, identify threats, and anticipate and prepare for potential risks. Flight crew can use the Aero system to sync military-grade security and surveillance devices, and can rely on Thuraya’s wide-reaching L-band network for robust, uninterrupted and secure connectivity with commanders and field operators.

Aero comes with capabilities like full internet access, voice and video conferencing, location data and more to ensure the swift deployment of instructions and assets. A variety of ruggedized sensors, surveillance cameras and other situational-intelligence solutions can be used with Aero to exchange target data in real time over long distances with control centers and all personnel involved in the mission. The system further supports military applications such as airborne and surface target tracking, night vision, long-range target identification and covert surveillance.

EnterpriseComms ISR

Enable eyes-in-the-sky with constant HD aerial surveillance via satellite for ISR missions in environment protection, disaster management, pipeline monitoring and more.


Aero delivers seamless airborne satellite connectivity across land and sea for government operations in fields including civil defense, SAR, coast guard monitoring, and firefighting.


Transform your in-flight cabin into a business hub with steady airborne connectivity and handle daily decision-making activities via phone calls, video conferencing and emails.


Aero’s airborne communication system allows special ops, military and medevac missions to be in direct, real-time contact with commanders, ground control centers and hospitals. 

Secure, Real-time Commander-to-Crew Communication

Have full access to the HQ’s military IP networks while airborne


Delivering urgent medical care to military personnel

Troops engaged in critical military operations now have access to superior emergency medical services via medevac helicopters and air ambulances that are installed with Aero. These aircrafts have advanced capabilities to meet the needs of soldiers, as the Aero communications hub easily syncs with several mission-specific peripherals and devices.

The Aero system seamlessly supports the transmission of an in-flight patient’s vital signs data directly to medical centers and hospitals; telemedical devices like ECGs, electronic stethoscopes and camera headsets via Wi-Fi can also be set up, allowing first responders or medics to meet the urgent needs of those injured under the immediate guidance of doctors on ground.

Thuraya ensures real-time, steady and secure connectivity between medical practitioners, flight paramedics and patients with myriad communication options, enabling swift action to help save lives with the best possible treatment available under the given circumstances.

Secure VPN

High-level airborne missions in government, military relief, and energy sectors have access to secure connectivity between multiple communication points with Thuraya Aero. Flight personnel can connect with the same VPN-enabled networks used at ground centers to send and receive classified data, while maintaining clear and steady satellite connectivity across the skies.

Critical Communication

Thuraya Aero aids with swift deployment in critical airborne operations that military, government, NGO and emergency responders engage in for disaster management and relief efforts in crisis zones. The system supports fast and secure communication over locations where infrastructure is severely damaged and establishes vital links with other satellite-based devices to ensure efficient coordination with field personnel and remote HQs.



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