Government comms
Issue 5 | April 2014
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Satellite technology is crucial in enabling effective communications for governments around the world. In this issue of Thuraya Link, we spotlight how satellite technology can address emerging trends such as “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD), and enable secure government communications.
Whether it is an organization looking to establish field communications or requiring secure solutions for mission-critical operations, Thuraya is able to deliver robust Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) to address the evolving needs of the government sector. Communications security is always a key concern for the government sector, and Thuraya goes to great lengths to ensure the safety and security of our customers.

With a growing number of government agencies now starting to adopt BYOD, we see great potential for satellite technology to serve as an enabler of government communications — by providing end-users with reliable, highly secure access to data and applications via their mobile devices.

Thuraya is pioneering the BYOD trend in the mobile satellite sector through disruptive innovations such as the Thuraya SatSleeve, which recently received the Mobile Satellite Users Association (MSUA) Innovator Award 2014. We are delighted with the recognition, and will continue working closely with our customers, including government organizations around the world, to facilitate the adoption of new MSS solutions tailored to mobility requirements.

Besides product innovation, we believe strong partnerships play a big part in Thuraya’s formula for success. As part of our commitment to provide government agencies and other customers with assured communications which offer the highest security standards, we have partnered with TrustComm to deliver the new Starlight service that offers a demarcation point in the United States.

Thuraya is also devoting significant resources to help developers accelerate product development. We see Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology as a major breakthrough that will empower developers to build new products more effectively and shorten development time, as well as provide end-users with advanced communication capabilities. Read more about how SRT Wireless worked with us to launch the VIPturbo, which allows developers to address emerging market needs in a matter of weeks or months, without having to develop their own SDR capabilities.

Stay tuned to the upcoming issues of Thuraya Link for more updates on our latest developments, as we continue delivering innovative solutions that would impact the satellite industry.

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