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Issue 5 | April 2014
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TrustComm and Thuraya have closely collaborated to launch Starlight, an end-to-end implementation of Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) delivered via Thuraya satellites — offering resilient, assured mobile communications with a demarcation point in the U.S.
Since its introduction in November 2013, the new Starlight service has been well-received by the industry. We spoke with Bob Roe, TrustComm’s Chief Executive Officer, to learn more about Starlight and its benefits to both customers and Thuraya’s Service Partners.

What makes Starlight stand apart from other offerings in the marketplace?

Bob Roe: Starlight delivers high-quality IP and voice communications for customers who require resilient and assured communications with a demarcation point in the United States. With Starlight, the full lifecycle of Thuraya’s suite of services is managed by a U.S. company, TrustComm, thus satisfying the assured-communication requirements of customers in the government, maritime, energy and enterprise markets.

For selected Service Partners, there are numerous benefits to offering Starlight. This new MSS platform significantly strengthens Thuraya’s value proposition when compared to alternative technologies. On the Starlight infrastructure, Thuraya services deliver high data rates and more capabilities at outstanding value for customers — with added security to ensure assured communications.

How does Starlight fill the gap in market demands in the United States?

Bob Roe: Energy companies and U.S. government agencies, most notably the Deptartment of Defense (DoD), have an expanding need for MSS that are networked and based on the strictest operational security requirements. TrustComm and Thuraya understand that MSS providers must maintain the highest standards of security for their satellite networks, regardless of the hardware solutions chosen by end users.

Whether it’s on land, at sea or in the air, customers are constantly seeking higher performance and better security from their MSS solutions. Starlight has risen to that challenge and sets a new benchmark in the MSS sector. The ability to offer assured MSS is one reason why TrustComm has emerged as a premier provider of commercial satellite communications networks to the U.S. DoD and federal agencies.

TrustComm is the only provider that offers assured MSS from a commercial teleport on a secure military base. TrustComm’s teleport and secure network operations center (S-NOC) is located at the Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base in Houston, Texas. Our redundant S-NOC is located at our corporate headquarters near Quantico, Virginia.

What does this collaboration demonstrate to the marketplace?

Bob Roe: Our new Starlight service demonstrates that TrustComm and Thuraya are very serious about providing the highest performance and security to U.S. and international customers with global requirements. We expect Starlight to enjoy widespread adoption across all commercial and government markets.

Thuraya: What is next for Starlight?

Bob Roe: The new gateway TrustComm is building in Cyprus will enable us to offer Starlight data services that are fully functional and independent from Thuraya’s current packet gateway in Sharjah, UAE. With the advent of the new gateway, Starlight subscriber-authentication information will be managed and maintained in the United States.
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