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 issue 4 Feb 2014
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Making a Difference through Mobile Satellite Innovation
Satellite technology has a critical role to play during disaster recovery in connecting people and supporting relief operations. This latest issue of Thuraya Link highlights our commitment to delivering reliable, portable solutions to address vital communication needs in emergency situations.
T. SANFORD JEWETT, Vice President of Marketing


As a leading provider of mobile satellite service (MSS), Thuraya prides itself on being at the forefront of communications for disaster response and recovery operations. Our aim is to deliver innovative products and solutions that empower aid workers at various stages of their relief operations — from first responders deployed on a search-and-rescue mission to relief teams involved in longer-term clean-up and rebuilding efforts.

Managing relief operations during emergency situations is a highly complex undertaking. In disaster zones where existing terrestrial networks are severely damaged, our mobile satellite makes a significant difference in establishing vital communications links for the planning and coordination of relief operations.

When Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Visayas region in the Philippines in November 2013, Thuraya acted swiftly to support the Philippine authorities in the deployment of emergency communications equipment. Working together with our partners, we helped ensure that the government agencies and NGOs involved were provided with satellite equipment to facilitate vital communications. In this issue, we provide you an in-depth perspective into how the use of mobile satellite technology contributed to the relief efforts — and here, we would like to salute all the individuals who worked tirelessly to provide food, aid and shelter to the affected communities.

In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, Thuraya aims to further promote the awareness of mobile satellite as critical infrastructure for relief operations. We will be supporting government agencies and humanitarian groups around the world in enhancing disaster preparedness, as well as sharing our expertise on how MSS solutions can best be deployed to achieve operational effectiveness.

On a different note, I would like to bring your attention to a number of new products we are launching in the first quarter of this year, as we continue to expand the scope and capabilities of our data product lines.

In January, we took another major step in delivering innovative products to our customers with the launch of the Thuraya SatSleeve for Android. The new SatSleeve for the Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 clearly demonstrates our commitment to innovation and meeting evolving consumer expectations — the world's only satellite adaptor for smartphones, SatSleeve is designed to provide end-users with easy access to applications and services via the familiar interface of a mobile smartphone.

As part of our commitment to expanding our product portfolio to new sectors, we also rolled out the new Orion IP terminal to meet maritime demands for broadband connectivity. Our first dedicated maritime terminal, the Orion IP terminal, will enable customers to enjoy the high performance of our hardware with the cost flexibility of our customized maritime pricing packages. Another exciting development is the release of Thuraya IP Voyager, a vehicular satellite terminal that can be easily deployed to deliver high broadband speeds while on the move.

Following a very successful year of product milestones in 2013, we are poised for another exciting year ahead in 2014. We look forward to keeping you updated on our latest developments through this Newsletter, as we continue delivering innovative solutions to the mobile satellite industry.


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