Thuraya Link issue 7 Sept 2014
Issue 7 | sep 2014
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Shaping the Future of Broadcast
Is news broadcasting still new? In this issue of Thuraya Link, we explore mobile satellite’s role in enabling the technological innovations that are shaping the news journalism landscape.
In today’s era dominated by social media and mobility, media organizations are challenged more than ever to adapt and continue engaging a new generation of media consumers.

You do not have to look that far ahead than the advent of social media to see how quickly the digital age has transformed the world of journalism, particularly in how news are being consumed and distributed. Consumers today rely heavily on the likes of Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with the latest breaking news—presented in bite-sized formats.

These developments have clear implications for traditional newsrooms, as major media outlets around the world come to grips with the new realities of news broadcasting. Media organizations have to be able to embrace the latest platforms, including mobile satellite-enabled equipment, to compete in the business of news.

This view is recently echoed by industry veteran Dick Tauber, who shared with us his invaluable perspective on how the latest technology developments will impact the future of newsgathering.

Indeed, the consumerization of technology presents vast opportunities for the media sector to innovate and keep pace with the instantaneous nature of today’s breaking news cycle. The emergence of smartphones—and now, wearable technology—has raised the stakes for news journalism. Any reporter or observer on the street can leverage the convenience of their mobile devices to capture and disseminate news footage. In this issue, John Huddle, Head of Media & Broadcast at Thuraya, provides some insights into this emerging trend and how satellite technology can further empower news professionals.

Thuraya is also taking steps to work together with our Product Developers and Service Partners to ensure that news-gatherers around the world are equipped with the most innovative mobile satellite technology to report and deliver breaking news effectively—with the ultimate aim of keeping our media customers ahead of the competitive curve.

As part of our commitment to keep pace with evolving industry requirements, we will be joining industry leaders in major tradeshows, such as the upcoming IBC2014 and News Xchange, to discuss new opportunities and future challenges in broadcast media. We hope you will join us at these events to learn more about how our current solutions portfolio can meet the needs in the media and broadcasting sector. We look forward to welcoming you at these events!

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