How to use twitter with Thuraya

Did you know you can send Tweets by text?Adding your phone to Twitter makes it easy to tweet from places where even WiFi and mobile web don't work! Follow the instructions below to add your phone to an account you've already set up on Twitter. Don't have an account? Then you can skip to the next section to read about how to sign up via SMS.
For those who has Twitter account – send (start) by SMS to 1888, follow the instruction and begin using the service.
Important note: you have to select the Twitter accounts that you wish to receive updates from on your mobile – not all the Tweets you have on your web-based account are coming to your phone by default – you need to specify which accounts you want to see on your phone by sending: Follow (username) to 1888 once you are ready to use the service.



  • We have set a limit of 100 incoming Twitter SMS messages per user per day
  • It is recommended that you follow key Twitter accounts on your list through your Thuraya handset.
  • All Thuraya handsets support Twitter SMS services.