Accelerating Product Development, Unlocking New Opportunities for Innovation

Developed by SRT Wireless, the new VIPturbo Module represents a significant breakthrough that enables Thuraya product developers to shorten development time and reduce manufacturing cost. In this guest blog, Conrad Smith, Chief Technology Officer of SRT Wireless, shares his views on how the VIPturbo Module can spur the development of new broadband terminals for the Thuraya satellite network.  

New technologies come and go. Yet, some technology developments have the potential to disrupt and shake up the status quo, as well as drive new ways of thinking about innovation. 

More than just a product, we believe the VIPturbo Module represents a major breakthrough in Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology — both in enabling Thuraya customers to communicate in the most remote and demanding environments, and helping Thuraya product developers make more money in less time. 

The VIPturbo Module is the first and only compact, single-board SDR solution that supports every service on the Thuraya network, including circuit-switched voice, fax, GmPRS, and standard IP with speeds up to 444 kbps and streaming IP with speeds up to 384 kbps. Additionally, the SDR has integrated Wi-Fi (802.11b, g and N) capabilities, allowing end-users to connect their smartphones and tablets wirelessly and enabling the demands of “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD).

What’s truly unique about the VIPturbo Module is that Thuraya developers no longer have to allocate additional time and resources to develop SDR capabilities on their own.

With the VIPturbo Module, developers are able to address emerging market needs in a matter of weeks or months, not years. In other words, the product development cycle has now become a “packaging exercise” for Thuraya developers to build new products around the VIPturbo platform — rather than being an engineering exercise. Moreover, the VIPturbo Module is available at a fraction of the cost of other competing platforms.

We are excited about the commercial prospects of manufacturers and product developers integrating the VIPturbo Module into new satellite terminals for the maritime, land mobile and aeronautical markets. For instance, the VIPturbo platform has already been paired with the Spacecom 221 and 321 antennas to deliver connectivity via Thuraya’s satellite terminals, for land mobile and maritime applications respectively.

Consider the requirements of a coastal fishing fleet that need to establish a reliable data connection with its headquarters office. Developers can easily write this software routine and load it directly on the Open Multimedia Application Platform (OMAP) processor within the VIPturbo platform. Once initiated, all vessels in the fleet would be able to report their operational locations easily over Thuraya’s satellite network. 

Thuraya’s partnership with SRT Wireless demonstrates our joint commitment to break down barriers in the satellite industry. At the same time, the engineers at SRT Wireless are focused on making the VIPturbo even more compact, faster, and lighter, while providing a rich array of features at an affordable price.

We are optimistic that the partnership will continue to thrive, and result in the development of a wider variety of satellite terminals and new applications to address each vertical need. 

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