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Maintaining a high level of support services is key to ensuring that our customers connect effectively over our network. Thuraya takes pride in being the only satellite operator to provide our customers and service partners around the world with a free 24/7 helpline service, delivered via a multi-channel contact center strategically located at our primary gateway (PGW) in Sharjah, UAE. This is the first in a series of blog posts showcasing Thuraya’s Customer Care services.

Our Customer Care team, which comprises of 12 Customer Care and Technical Support representatives and led by a dedicated Technical Support Manager, has the telecommunications expertise to field a wide range of enquiries—from questions related to our products and pricing to technical troubleshooting. The current team is about as diverse as you can imagine: we have members hailing from Algeria, Bahrain, Kenya, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sudan and the UK. Collectively, we are able to deliver technical support in more than eight international and regionally spoken languages.

Besides the ability to communicate effectively in multiple languages, our team members also possess the requisite soft skills and emotional intelligence to maintain their composure even in high-pressure situations. From our experience, having excellent communications skills and a pleasant personality can make a world of difference in helping our customers resolve the issues they may face—even something as simple and mundane as reminding our customers to step outdoors in order to connect to our network!

For many of us, speaking with the customers directly is the best part of our jobs. You actually get to know who they are, what they do and what they want and expect. You also experience a great sense of satisfaction, when you go home knowing that today you helped someone or even saved a life.

Then there are the more light-hearted moments that are equally memorable. I recall a past incident when our colleague, Sabah Amire, was involved in resolving a technical issue that was impacting network services. The customer somehow got the wrong impression that we were operating on the actual spacecraft, and asked if our staff could “see him from space”! (For the curious, that answer is no)

I joined Thuraya in January 2011 and it has been an enriching experience right from the start, getting the opportunity to serve such a diverse customer base and support our global service partner network. Having worked for more than a decade in the telecommunications sector, I must say that my stint at Thuraya has been one of the most exhilarating and rewarding experiences of my professional career.

What’s truly unique about Thuraya, I feel, is the sheer diversity of opportunities and challenges that we come across on a daily basis. We have customers scaling mountains, exploring oceans, delivering services in war-torn areas, or running disaster relief operations. Our ability to effectively serve each of these market segments offers great fulfilment and a real sense of purposes to our work.

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Asim Khattak
Senior Manager, Sales & Customer Support
Thuraya Telecommunications Company

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