Guest Blog: Communicating conservation with the Sahara Conservation Fund by John Newby

In an exciting new development, the Sahara Conservation Fund (SCF) has joined forces with Thuraya to vastly improve our capacity to communicate while in the field.

SCF’s mission is to conserve the wildlife, habitats and other natural resources of the Sahara and its bordering Sahelian grasslands. The vision is of a Sahara that is well conserved and where ecological processes function naturally, with plants and animals existing in healthy numbers across their historical range.

Over the next six months, we will benefit from Thuraya’s support with their XT satellite phone handsets, Thuraya IP broadband terminal and a SatSleeve satellite adaptor for our iPhone. If you follow us on our Facebook page, you will see how we’ve used the Thuraya equipment during our recent fieldtrips to Chad and Niger. 

In the picture above, SCF’s Director, John Newby and colleagues transmit news from Central Chad.

Not only will Thuraya’s equipment significantly enhance our communications outreach but will also allow virtually real-time reporting from the field to our sponsors and supporters. Apart from communicating our work, the partnership with Thuraya will also address two other extremely important aspects of our work in what are often isolated and potentially dangerous locations.

Thuraya IP satellite broadband terminal

Keeping in close contact with our teams on the ground greatly improves coordination and perhaps more importantly creates a safety net should anything go wrong while out of regular contact, such as a vehicle breakdown, a sick person or an accident.

SCF thanks Thuraya and its service partner, Satellite Communication for helping us on our mission. To learn more about the SCF, subscribe to our Sandscript bulletins!

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