Opening Message

Earlier this month, we announced the completion of our next generation constellation plans. FUTURA, as the project is known, has already advanced into its execution phase. We are set to expand our horizons in three respects: we will extend our geographical reach, move into new market sectors, and launch new services and devices. Our aim is to be the provider of choice for unified connectivity.

As you would expect, our plans are comprehensive and ambitious. They build on what we have already achieved together - the company’s transformation over the past five years that many of you will have seen, contributed towards and supported. FUTURA sets our course for what is to come as we enter this next stage of transformation.

Venturing into new markets, strengthened by increased coverage and the greater capabilities our new constellation will deliver, Thuraya will generate new revenue streams as we aggregate FSS globally. On the development front, we anticipate a further fresh stream of a different nature: new terminals, and a rich and diverse mix of new FSS, MSS and hybrid products. Our portfolio of products, services and applications will develop far beyond what it is today, transforming what we can offer. It will feature low cost devices, modules, premium devices, higher throughput hand held terminals, small form factors and sleek designs, taking us across land, sea and air.

FUTURA strengthens our existing portfolio too. So while we look forward to a stimulating and protracted period of change, it is important to emphasise that business continuity is assured. Thuraya-2 and Thuraya-3 will continue to operate as planned, while investment will deliver the new satellites we need, with replacement satellites scheduled for launch from 2020. Our L-band capability is excellent, yet we will create best-in-class next generation L-band products and services that our competitors will be unable to match.

The full potential of Thuraya’s next generation capability has triggered considerable interest from the industry as a whole. This was immediately evident at the World Satellite Business Week conference in Paris: manufacturers, potential investors and potential partners all received the news with notable enthusiasm. What we have already achieved in the last few years is widely acknowledged, serving us well as a springboard into this next period of development.

As we prepare for sustained growth, exciting new sectors, and new market opportunities, I want to thank you for your ongoing support. I am really looking forward to doing so with many of you in person at our PDF event in November here in Dubai. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss devices, networks, routes to market, and applications and services in greater detail. It is exciting to be in a better position than ever to realise our full potential.

While the main focus of our newsletter is naturally directed towards FUTURA, the teams have been busy elsewhere too. We have included a summary of events attended throughout September, illustrating the breadth of shows and exhibitions at which we have flown the Thuraya flag.

Our newsletter also contains the first in what will be a regular series on solutions. Each month, we will feature a different solution from across the Thuraya portfolio. We begin in the telemedicine arena, with DigiMed.

We have also included an article by Leticia Diaz de Rio, exploring the advances in maritime communications that have been driven by the development of satellite technology. Finally, we feature the ‘OneDubaiOne’ Emirati team, who raised awareness for a number of causes as they travelled across Asia - with Thuraya products keeping them connected at all times.


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