Saving lives with mission-critical communications

In times of crisis, government agencies and relief organizations need to react almost immediately to coordinate relief efforts in aid of survivors. Whether it was Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, or the earthquake in Sichuan China in 2008, the 2009 floods in Queensland and the fires in Victoria to the earthquake and subsequent Tsunami in Japan, these events have one common thread.

The destruction and disruption of telecommunications services following these disasters severely hampered the efforts of government agencies and relief workers,  all of whom arrived on scene with different means of communication that were not interoperable between different agencies.

Government agencies today demand cost effective and immediately deployable forms of communication that are simple to deploy and use, compatible with commercial, off the shelf technology, designed using standards-based technology, highly adaptable and interoperable. Effective communication isn’t optional, it’s a necessity.

To address this, Thuraya worked with Speakerbus to develop Thuraya’s NettedComms, a mobile satellite voice communication solution, that combines modular communications platforms such as the iManager Centralised Management System (iCMS), Voice Conference Manager (VCM), Radio Gateway (RGW) and End User Point (EUP) to provide our government end-users with the capabilities to coordinate and communicate with their field teams, at any time.

Here’s an example of how the system works:

For teams in the field, deploying such solutions allows them to quickly and efficiently coordinate help and engage with other teams to bring relief to survivors.

When it comes to saving lives, what you need is the right solution that and also the right partner to help ensure that you can work within stringent budgets to rapidly deploy and establish secure mobile satellite communications no matter where.

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David Moss
Director, Government Services - Europe & Asia
Thuraya Telecommunications Company

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