Thuraya and GTNT Say in One Voice 'Hello Russia'

Moscow, 15th May 2012: A mere 200 meters away from the Kremlin, Thuraya Telecommunications Company, the leading international mobile satellite operator has announced the launch of its mobile satellite services in Russia in partnership with GTNT. The announcement was made at a press conference at the Congress Centre of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation in Moscow today, attended by Thuraya’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Samer Halawi, GTNT’s General Director, Mr. Alexey Ostapchuk and invitees from the corporate and Telco sectors and the media.

Spanning more than 140 countries, Thuraya’s sophisticated satellite communications network guarantees reliable, secure and affordable communications within the world’s largest country, especially in remote and rural locations typically underserved by terrestrial networks. Thuraya’s portfolio of products includes high-speed data, voice and maritime offerings that are tailored for the vertical markets.

Through its partnership with GTNT, Thuraya will provide uninterrupted satellite communications services to federal, departmental and corporate users in energy, petrochemical, construction, logistics, forestry, relief and media sectors. GTNT is Thuraya’s sole Service Partner in Russia authorized to distribute Company products, solutions and services across the country.

“Russia with its countless energy, defence, media and maritime enterprises is an exciting prospect for Thuraya. Our superior satellite network provides seamless, border-to-border coverage within the country, and our impeccable yet affordable services will enable people in the prominent Russian market to communicate instantly regardless of their location.” said Thuraya’s CEO, Mr. Samer Halawi.       

Mr. Halawi further added, "We have joined forces with our trusted partner GTNT to expand our distribution network and reach out to our vertical industry consumers wherever they may choose to operate in Russia."

“Our company GTNT has already completed the deployment of Thuraya’s network in the Russian segment of the system. We are ready to deliver mobile satellite telephony, data transmission and broadband internet access to all federal, departmental and corporate users as well as geologists, builders, transport, forestry and rescue workers, primarily those working in areas not covered by conventional communication systems. We hope to bring all corners of our big country closer and within reach through satellite-based mobile communications,” said Alexey Ostapchuk, GTNT General Director.

In addition to the most advanced satellite-based voice and data services, Thuraya will offer GSM consumers satellite roaming facilities, effectively ensuring universal coverage all across Russia. By simply inserting their GSM SIM cards into a Thuraya handset, GSM consumers can instantly roam on Thuraya’s network and make and receive calls.

Covering more than an eighth of the earth's inhabited land area, Russia extends across the whole of northern Asia and across 40% of Europe, spanning nine time zones. It has the world's largest reserves of mineral and energy resources and is the second largest oil producer and second largest natural gas producer globally. Communities in remote corners of Russia can rely on Thuraya for instant access to modern data and voice telecommunications facilities. More prominently, Thuraya is poised to serve the Russian maritime market with a special focus on the fisheries and the cargo sectors.

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