Thuraya and IEC Telecom

Earlier this month, Thuraya and our Service Partner, the IEC Telecom Group hosted over two dozen delegates from across eight different world leading relief organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) among others in one of the team’s largest roadshows in Geneva.

The roadshow showcased Thuraya and IEC’s emergency preparedness equipment as well as thought leadership in mobile satellite services for Thuraya ReliefComms. Crisis, whether man-made or natural can strike at any time and relief organizations as well as service providers have to be ready to act immediately for recovery operations. Businesses must also have a continuity plan in place to protect their employees as well as their business. 

“The communications landscape for NGOs and humanitarian organizations has evolved a lot since we started working with Thuraya. Where before, organizations were more focused on disaster recovery, today, organizations are looking for customized solutions and equipment that are tailored to their specific needs in emergency preparedness. They are also looking to do more on extremely tight budgets. It’s not just about working in on the frontlines in disaster situations but ensuring that the lines of communication remain strong throughout the period of recovery,” said Erwan Emilian, Chief Executive Officer of IEC Telecom Group.

While Thuraya demonstrated its products such as the Thuraya XT, Thuraya IP+ and others, IEC Telecom Group showcased its leading edge solutions that are designed to work with these products to empower organizations cope with emergencies as it happens and afterwards. It’s a decade long-partnership that has seen Thuraya and IEC Telecom Group grow from strength to strength.

“In addition to developing world-class, innovative products, Thuraya’s advantage is that its products are easy-to-use and come with cost effective call packages that are well-suited to the humanitarian sector,” he added

Najwa Ayoub, Market Development Manager for NGOs at Thuraya concurs, “Emergency preparedness is a vital part of relief communications. Thuraya is committed to working with international non-governmental organizations to provide them with equipment and solutions that provide ongoing critical connectivity for both aid workers and the communities they serve.”

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