Thuraya and Wildlife Photography

Supporting Middle Eastern Photographers on Expedition in Maasai Mara

A lone cheetah chases a wildebeest herd, poised to pounce on its chosen prey. That raw moment is snapped and shared almost instantly across the world, right from the heart of Kenya’s Maasai Mara reserve.

Thanks to Emirati photographer Majed Al Katheeri and his team’s work in the wild, we at Thuraya get to showcase that rare capture on our social feeds.

On August 10, 2017, a  team of 7 photographers flew from Dubai to Kenya, ready to tough it out for a week in a wildlife sanctuary. As the trip was supported by Thuraya, the team - in addition to cameras - took along our satcom devices, which assured constant connectivity throughout their journey and gave them the ability to reach a global audience from a remote location.

Ahead of the trip, Al Katheeri notified followers with this Instagram post: “Tonight, a group of photographers start their Safari journey, to Maasai Mara in Kenya to photograph wildlife and witness one of the greatest wonders on the planet, The Great (wildebeest) Migration.”

Equipped with Thuraya’s IP+ broadband terminal, the photographers were able to get a steady connection amidst the savannah wilderness and share their rich, diverse safari experience along with its unique rhythms and stories. After hours spent camouflaging lenses to gain stunning dawn-to-dusk insight and visuals from the secret lives of zebras, giraffes, lions, leopards and more, the team - as Al Katheeri says - “invite friends and family to join in on appreciating the beauty of Africa.”

Thanks to the remote data access, we at home could truly envision and partake in Al Katheeris’ own moments from the reserve like this one: “A female leopard rests in a large fig tree in Maasai Mara. She was on top of a large bird nest, which seemed to annoy the bird who kept flying around, but the leopard couldn’t care less.”

Al Katheeri’s team included participants from other GCC countries and Jordan, namely Mohammed AlNaser, Abdulaziz AlAsousi, Husain AlFraid, Khalid Ebrahim, Mohammed Almoumni, and Ahmed AlMoumni. We at Thuraya are proud to have been a part of the Maasai Mara expedition and commend the team’s dedication and creativity in completing the project!

A trusted satcom partner for industries and individuals worldwide, Thuraya has years of experience in delivering communication over land, sea and air via a strong satellite network. Catering to diverse and customized needs, we offer satellite handsets and data terminals with advanced navigational capabilities that are compact, portable, affordable and promise uninterrupted coverage around two thirds of the globe. As a homegrown company, Thuraya is particularly keen to support UAE endeavors, and regularly invites opportunities to facilitate Emirati traditions in outdoor activities and wildlife explorations.

Learn more about how Thuraya supports outdoor enthusiasts and vacationers here.

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