Thuraya Celebrates 44th UAE National Day by Giving Back to the Community

Staff embraced a visit to senior citizens in Dubai in the spirit of gratitude and in remembrance of those that helped build the nation

DUBAI, UAE, December 8, 2015 - Leading Mobile Satellite Services operator, Thuraya Telecommunications Company, reached out to Emirati senior citizens at the Al Thukher Social Club in Dubai last week to show appreciation and gratitude to those that helped shape and create the nation.

In commemoration of The UAE’s 44th National Day, and as a reminder of the company’s commitment to the Emirati community, Thuraya staff spent quality time with senior citizens discussing the nation’s innovative plans for the future and listening to tales of days gone by. 

Thuraya’s Fahad Kahoor, Director, Market Development, Energy & VIP, said: “Spending quality time with the senior citizens at Al Thukher Social Club was a very special day for us. It was a day when we had the chance to meet our elderly citizens and to express our gratitude for their contribution to our society and to our country. Meeting these Emirati senior citizens reminds us how much we are indebted to them because along with our great leaders, these citizens have contributed to the overall vision that has made our nation great.”

As well as presenting the senior citizens with gifts and mementos, staff also shared their own Thuraya stories of ‪‎innovation and ‪‎success.

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