Thuraya Newsletter

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Issue 1 : The inaugural issue focuses on MarineComms with updates on the Thuraya IP+ and how it can be deployed successfully as well as our Maritime Broadband Solutions. We also take a look at the successful launch with Chunghwa Telecoms in Taiwan and our Maritime team’s recent collaboration with Devor Technologies in Asia. Read more


Issue 2 : The second issue focuses on MediaComms and showcases the newly launched data edition of the Thuraya SatSleeve, the world's first and only satellite adaptor for the iPhone®, which enables users to make voice calls and enjoy internet connectivity via satellite.. We also take a look at how our MediaComms solutions are helping journalists reporting from the frontline. Read more


Issue 3 : In the third issue, we examine how oil and gas companies are increasingly taking advantage of Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) to address their communications needs. Randy Roberts, VP of Innovation, also shares his vision for spurring new innovative capabilities at Thuraya. Read more


Issue 4 In the fourth issue, we take a closer look into how mobile satellite services (MSS) can be effectively deployed to address vital communication needs in emergency situations. Read more


Issue 5 : In the fifth issue, we showcase how our MSS capabilities can be tailored to the evolving needs of the government sector. Read more


Issue 6 : In the sixth issue, we explore how mobile satellite technology is shaping maritime communications. Read more


Issue 7: In the seventh issue, we explore satellite's role in enabling the technological innovations that are shaping the news journalism landscape. Read more


Issue 8: In the eighth issue, we examine the importance of satellite technology in enabling reliable business connectivity to help optimize business operations for oil and gas companies. Read more


Issue 9: In the ninth issue, we examine the critical role mobile satellite services (MSS) play in enabling relief organizations to respond more effectively in times of crisis and disaster. Read more


Issue 10: In the tenth issue, we shift our focus to the requirements of the government sector, and how MSS plays a key role in enabling critical and robust communications in challenging environments. Read more


Issue 11: In the eleventh issue, we focus on the successful launch of  Thuraya SatSleeve+ and Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot. Learn about our work with the Sahara Conservation Fund to protect endangered species. Read more


Issue 12 : In the twelfth issue, we focus on the achievements in 2015. Learn why humanitarian and government organizations need tailored services by MSS providers. Read more


Issue 13 : In the thirteenth issue, we explore the differences already being made by the use of our technology, specifically in the Relief sector.  Read more


Issue 14: In the fourteenth issue, we discuss the increasing consumer attention for the SatSleeve product family, the launch of Atlas IP maritime broadband terminal and more. Read more


Issue 15: In the fifteenth issue, we examine how satellite technology is transforming the world of adventure. Read more


Issue 16: In the sixteenth issue, we look back at a series of events and exhibitions held and attended around the world. Read more


Issue 17: In the seventeenth issue, we explore Thuraya's plans to achieve unified connectivity, new advances in maritime industry sparked by satellite communications, plus a lot more. Read more


Issue 18: In the eighteenth issue, we take a closer look at Thuraya XT-PRO DUAL, the world's first and one dual mode, dual SIM phone. Read more


Issue 19: In the nineteenth issue, we look back at the year that was: the finalization of FUTURA - our nexgen constellation plans; the launch of the world’s only dual mode, dual SIM satellite phone; and the arrival of our first-ever terminal to work in North America. See more highlights