Thuraya Upgrades IP Solution to Feature Relay Mode

Abu Dhabi, 7th December 2011: Thuraya IP, the world’s smallest satellite broadband solution supporting 384 Kbps streaming, now features a new functionality that is vital for supporting a variety of applications for large organizations and enterprises. Relay Mode allows NGOs, government, broadcast media, energy and other vertical and private consumers using Thuraya IP to run a range of applications which require a public IP address on the terminal equipment attached to the IP device.

Thuraya IP is already a firm favorite in the satellite telecom industry and the Relay Mode will further boost Thuraya’s market positioning as a provider of superior quality satellite broadband service.

With this new feature, Thuraya IP consumers will experience greater freedom and flexibility to utilise all applications and equipment such as computers, laptops and other devices that require this feature without any compromise on quality of service or security.

“We have set the bar with our Thuraya IP solution as the world’s smallest satellite broadband solution to support 384 Kbps streaming. With the new Relay Mode, Thuraya IP will continue to provide a superior high-speed data experience and flexibility for our consumer base which relies on Thuraya IP for critical communications. Following this upgrade to Thuraya IP, any terminal equipment used with it can now obtain a dynamic or static global public IP address, allowing for higher operational efficiency and compatibility with all industry-specific applications,” said Thuraya’s Director of Product Management, Mr. Rashid Baba.

He also added that Thuraya is reputed for its dynamism in developing and offering superior products and solutions, in terms of sleek design, compact size, portability, and ruggedness, which consistently makes it the leading mobile satellite operator for product and service innovation.

Thuraya IP is the world’s smallest satellite broadband solution to support 384 Kbps streaming. It is only A-5 sized and weighs a mere 1.3 kilograms. It is a rapidly deployable plug and play system that requires no additional software for installation or usage.

Offering Standard IP speeds of 444 Kbps, it is the only satellite broadband solution with Asymmetric Streaming capabilities. This unique feature enables consumers to select upload and download speeds according to their actual requirements, which can save them up to 40 percent in their transmission costs.

Thuraya offers tailored pricing packages that allow consumers from different government, business, NGO and other sectors to subscribe to the most appropriate pricing packages that are in line with their requirements and budgets. Packages range from zero monthly fee plans to value plans with fixed-fees, making the solution highly flexible and affordable without compromise on quality. Thuraya also offers a Shareplan package, whereby corporate customers can share the individual airtime allocations across all their terminal base, and mix and match the different Thuraya solutions – voice and data, allowing for even greater savings. 

About Thuraya (
Thuraya is a leading international mobile satellite services operator that provides quality, affordable communication solutions in more than 140 countries across Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia. Thuraya’s portfolio encompasses data, voice and maritime products and services that support dual GSM and satellite mode and advanced applications, to provide people and businesses with constant connectivity when they need it most. Thuraya specifically designs successful satellite communication solutions for vertical sectors such as energy, media, government, NGOs and maritime.

Thuraya’s robust, powerful satellite network enables two-thirds of the globe’s population to communicate clearly and effectively in areas underserved by terrestrial networks.

Thuraya was founded in 1997 by a consortium of leading national telecommunications operators and reputed regional and international investment firms, and is the world’s leading provider of mobile satellite handhelds in its coverage area, with nearly 65% market share.

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