A touch of compassion goes a long way

On May 12, 2012, noted Dubai-based entrepreneur-philanthropist, Wissam Al Jayyousi, left the UAE on his solo motorbike journey along the Old Silk Route, across 22 countries in Asia. The landmark journey culminated in Singapore on October 2, lasting 152 days. Throughout Wissam’s trip, Thuraya was a steadfast communication partner, providing reliable telephony and internet services in some of the toughest terrain in the world.

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Wissam with his Thuraya mobile communications equipment at the onset of ‘Goodwill Journey’

 A Jordanian national with Palestinian roots, Wissam embarked on the biggest mission of his life to spread awareness and raise funds for a children’s cancer ward at Al Hussain Hospital in Beit Jala, Palestine. This is an initiative by the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF). All expenses for the trip were borne by Wissam himself. Proceeds from the journey are now being used to buy much needed medical equipment and supplies for the pediatric cancer center.

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All alone on the highway…

To support Wissam’s communication needs, Thuraya gave him the world’s toughest satellite phone, the Thuraya XT, the world’s smallest broadband terminal, the Thuraya IP, plus unlimited free airtime. Wissam used the devices primarily to reach out to his sponsors, friends and family as well as to publish photos, videos and instant messages on social media, including Facebook and his website, Goodwilljourney.org. The terminals also helped him mark his location status regularly on Google Maps, enabling online tracking.

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From Russia with love!

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Wissam relates his experiences to the world and conveys the message of Palestinian children. 

In a journey fraught with risks, Wissam came to value his Thuraya communication equipment, often calling them his ‘most trusted guides’. As he made his way across the treacherous mountain passes of Baluchistan in Pakistan, the Thuraya XT fell off his motorbike. Several miles later, Wissam realized he had lost his phone. Luckily, he had the previous coordinates, which later helped the police locate it. When found two days later, true to its highly robust nature, the Thuraya XT was intact and still on!

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Way to go! Wissam’s enthusiastic cheerleaders in Baluchistan, Pakistan

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Wissam shares a light moment with family via his Thuraya XT satellite phone.

On another occasion, Wissam suffered a fall and sustained minor injuries. He writes in his diary, “I fell off my bike, sustained injuries to my ribs and the bike was also damaged. But, yet again, the phone was still on and working! Thuraya XT has proven to be tougher than me and my motorbike!”     

Wissam Al Jayyoussi reached Dubai in early October 2012, after notching up some 60,000 kilometers. He told us, “The success of this campaign depended largely on the support of our key sponsors as well as the individual benefactors who genuinely believed in our cause. After breaking my ribs, after running through deserts, after ascending mountains, after crossing rivers, after the sound of the children reached the highest of mountains, after the Silk Road, after Slang Pass, after Pamir highway, after Gobi desert, after Samarkand and Tashkent, after the ups and downs, after the frustration, I reached my final destination in Singapore and I can finally say ‘Mission Accomplished’,”

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Wissam Al Jayyoussi thanks Thuraya for a safe and memorable journey 

At Thuraya, we are committed to serving humanity by delivering clear and reliable communication services that empower the citizens of the world and provide them with the means to go far in their quest for happiness and social balance, while remaining safe in the knowledge that they are at all times connected.

Read Wissam’s travel diary on his website www.goodwilljourney.org. You may also support his cause by connecting with him on Facebook.

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