University of Michigan Solar Car Team: Counting down the days!

Thuraya is supporting the University of Michigan Solar Car Team during the 2013 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia. The 21-member team will be entering their 12th car, named “Generation" into the World Solar Challenge in Australia which runs from October 6 to 13. The exhilarating seven-day race starts in Darwin and ends in Adelaide. We’re very excited about the team’s final preparations for the race and caught up with Jeffrey Cwagenberg, Director of Meteorology, University of Michigan Solar Car for a quick chat.

With the race just over two weeks away, we’re in the final stages of preparation for the World Solar Challenge.

Our team has been on the ground preparing and testing in Adelaide, South Australia (the end of the event) for almost a month now. Just this past week, we returned to our home-base after spending almost a week testing the car in the Outback.

During this practice race, we drove the portion of the route in South Australia to experience the conditions that we will expect to see throughout the race. In addition we had practice with all of the tools and communications equipment that we will have access to during the race. With all of this testing on the second half of the route, we like to say that we have developed a home-field advantage.

With regards to our experience with the Thuraya IP and XT's, we were really impressed with the reliability of the Thuraya connection. As our terrestrial cellular connection faded quickly after leaving towns, we were always still able to check the weather or stay in touch with the team back in the states.

Have you followed the UM team’s countdown to race day? If you haven’t please following their adventures on Facebook and Twitter now!  Go Blue!



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