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Thuraya unveils groundbreaking next generation IP NEO terminal developed in collaboration with Cobham Satcom

Abu Dhabi, 15 May, 2024 :

IP NEO is a Thuraya 4-ready lightweight portable satellite data terminal, capable of fast simultaneous voice and data transfer

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 15 May 2024: Thuraya Telecommunications Company (Thuraya), the mobile satellite services subsidiary of the UAE’s flagship satellite solutions provider, Al Yah Satellite Communications Company PJSC (Yahsat), has announced IP NEO, the first in a new family of next-generation satellite communications products packed with advanced features and technology.


The state-of-the-art IP NEO has been designed to deliver powerful simultaneous voice and data transfer capabilities making it the ideal product for government, non-governmental organisations, the energy sector, and enterprise use cases.


The product was developed in partnership with Cobham Satcom, a leading manufacturer of robust satcom solutions, and showcases Thuraya’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge satellite communication solutions to meet the evolving needs of its customers.


The IP NEO is a lightweight portable satellite L-band broadband data terminal and part of a rich portfolio of products based on a robust platform manufactured by Cobham Satcom. The product is primed to leverage the advanced capabilities of the Thuraya 4 Next Generation System (T4-NGS) to provide enhanced connectivity services and extended coverage.


Key features of the IP NEO include:


  • Higher Throughput: Once the T4 is operational, expected in 2025, IP NEO will offer data throughput of up to 1 Mbps.
  • Tailored to industry sector-specific needs: Thuraya has recognised the diverse needs of its partners and has enabled the IP NEO to provide a wide range of capabilities suitable for different communication use case scenarios for Government, Energy & utilities as well as non-governmental agencies and first responders.
  • Simultaneous Voice and Data: With the ability to handle both voice and data simultaneously, the IP NEO ensures uninterrupted communication in any environment. Operators can integrate third-party VoIP solutions making it a flexible and competitive option.


The wider portfolio of next-generation broadband products will be launched in the coming months. These include commercial and government “communications-on-the-move” vehicular terminals, as well as maritime terminals in addition to new mobile gateways for both commercial and government customers.


Ali Al Hashemi, Group Chief Executive Officer of Yahsat, said: “We are thrilled to introduce the new IP NEO as the first of many innovative solutions to come from our collaboration with Cobham. With its advanced capabilities and unparalleled performance, the IP NEO exemplifies our commitment to driving technological advancement in satellite communications."


Christophe Duret, Chief Executive Officer of Cobham Satcom, said: “The IP NEO is T4 ready and has been designed to anticipate future operator use cases across a broad spectrum of industries. It is capable of fast data and voice transmission while being ruggedly designed and cost-effective making it the ideal choice for infield operations in crisis-hit regions or emergencies.”


IP NEO will be officially unveiled at Critical Comms World Dubai, scheduled for May 14-16, 2024.