Thuraya Aero


EnterpriseComms ISR

For organizations dedicated to critical aerial surveillance and ISR missions, Thuraya Aero delivers an advanced solution that helps prevent large-scale disasters and save lives. Aero works perfectly with fixed-wing and rotary-wing crafts, in all kinds of weather, at various altitudes, with the added benefit of being your eyes in the sky at low airtime costs.

As the system enables ‘duplex’ or bi-directional voice communication and real-time transmission of compressed HD videos, Aero allows for the urgent delivery of last minute instructions from command centers. This makes it ideal for a variety of ISR operations: it can advance mission success in the fields of environment protection and management, disaster management, remote-area pipeline monitoring, forest fire prevention and monitoring, and more. The Aero-equipped aircraft works as a relay station by using inflight cameras to send live-imagery and snapshots of the target area to ground staff, who can then send back required information and also remotely control the camera.


Environmental Protection

The conservation and monitoring of ecological resources are required to maintain healthy global habi...

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Scientific Projects

In scientific projects and research work, being able to have an overall overview without disturbing ...

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Oil & Gas, Pipeline Monitoring

A UAV monitoring pipelines in a remote area can transmit imagery back home from well beyond line-of-...

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