Thuraya Aero


Environmental Protection

The conservation and monitoring of ecological resources are required to maintain healthy global habitats and are essential in protection from natural calamities and ecosystem imbalances. Aero is a superior airborne communication solution that helps safeguard our world from impending, widespread environmental disasters.

Aerial operations equipped with Aero can rely on smooth coverage via satellite connectivity for bi-directional voice and data exchange between multiple contacts across remote regions, over land and sea. Aero enables HD video streaming and supports applications for surveillance using advanced cameras and sensors that can be controlled remotely, allowing live imagery and data to be sent and received from many target points. These applications can aid environmental agencies, engineers and scientists to effectively conduct large-scale missions to monitor weather patterns, air pollution, forest areas and inland resources, species migration, and restoration activities. It can further lend communication ease in the prevention of floods, land erosion, wildfires, and illegal activities like poaching.