Thuraya Aero


Scientific Projects

In scientific projects and research work, being able to have an overall overview without disturbing or influencing the fragile fabric of the environment is of critical importance. It can likewise be helpful to see objects from different perspectives.

Thuraya Aero supports airborne missions for observing and mapping the land surface, biosphere, atmosphere and oceans. An onboard IP hub can be used to share satellite bandwidth for the sensor processor and PCs. Research crew can access multiple databases, transmit imagery and climate data over our communication system.

- Archeological research

- Photogrammetry

- Glacier, iceberg surveillance

- Botanical surveys

- Environmental monitoring

-Climate observation

-Radiation measurement

-Mapping coastal regions

-Meteorological research

-Nuclear accidents

-Volcanic eruptions


-Mapping of excavation sites

-Surveillance of historical buildings

-Wildlife & aquatic life


-Geophysical surveying

-Recording salt water infiltration