Thuraya Aero



To be the first to break a critical story, field teams should be able to connect to their newsrooms from practically anywhere, including the sky.

Live aerial transmission of HD video requires a stable, flexible airborne communication platform. Thuraya Aero fits the bill. Powered by L-band satellite technology, it guarantees steady and disruption-free service, unaffected by bad weather or altitude. Thuraya Aero enables broadcasters to aerially capture, optimize and relay footage of places where SNG trucks cannot reach.

The setup is simple: Thuraya's compact onboard satellite data unit SDU is connected to a hub, Wi-Fi transceiver, or directly to an onboard server. The small airborne antenna is fixed either on the top of the fuselage or on the tail. Aircraft, big and small, can enjoy the full benefit of IP connectivity at any altitude, without worrying about cost or bad weather interference.

This is particularly useful during live broadcasts when copious amounts of HD video data from multiple sources have to be compiled and transmitted.