Thuraya Aero


Border Protection Military

Thuraya Aero delivers superior airborne satellite connectivity that aids military border protection operations with securing and safeguarding borders. Border patrolling missions are enhanced with Aero’s bi-directional communications platforms and built-in video codecs for real-time voice, HD video and data transfer to HQs, commanders and troops.

Even military patrol jeeps canvassing rough border regions can use the Thuraya Commander or IP+ to stream video or images to an Aero-equipped aircraft. Unlike most border patrol aircrafts that only transmit imagery up to a few kilometers, Aero uses Thuraya’s extensive satellite network to transmit infrared and daylight video, and target data across vast distances.

Aero enables aerial patrols to rapidly mobilize military personnel, deploy assets, and monitor infrastructure, radars and other technologies used in mission-critical border protection and surveillance operations.