Thuraya Aero



Troops engaged in critical military operations now have access to superior emergency medical services via medevac helicopters and air ambulances that are installed with Aero. These aircrafts have advanced capabilities to meet the needs of soldiers, as the Aero communications hub easily syncs with several mission-specific peripherals and devices.

The Aero system seamlessly supports the transmission of an in-flight patient’s vital signs data directly to medical centers and hospitals; telemedical devices like ECGs, electronic stethoscopes and camera headsets via Wi-Fi can also be set up, allowing first responders or medics to meet the urgent needs of those injured under the immediate guidance of doctors on ground.

Thuraya ensures real-time, steady and secure connectivity between medical practitioners, flight paramedics and patients with myriad communication options, enabling swift action to help save lives with the best possible treatment available under the given circumstances.