Thuraya Aero


Special Operations

A second’s delay in communications could be costly to special operations units engaged in critical assignments for their governments. Thuraya’s highly secure, interoperable aero network opens up secure and uninterrupted voice, data and video connectivity for classified missions requiring secrecy and agility. Aero facilitates live monitoring for situational awareness, co-ordination and reconnaissance, enabling troops to “plan, move and communicate” continuously amongst themselves and with the command center.

Our airborne communication system, through its beyond line-of-sight duplex data offering, boosts mission success and helps save lives. With its built-in video codec, Aero enables transmission of live HD video back to the command center and allows flight personnel to receive last second instructions in real time.

Thuraya also supports quick integration and activation of onboard military communications solutions essential for intra-flight connectivity, critical command and control; management of local area networks, air-to-ground radios, base telephone systems, computer systems, tactical and fixed communications hardware, mobile radios, base pager equipment, postal and Base Information Transfer Systems services.