Thuraya Aero



Aero’s airborne satellite communication hub is equipped to support sophisticated situational awareness operations and boost the military’s ability to extract surrounding information, identify threats, and anticipate and prepare for potential risks. Flight crew can use the Aero system to sync military-grade security and surveillance devices, and can rely on Thuraya’s wide-reaching L-band network for robust, uninterrupted and secure connectivity with commanders and field operators.

Aero comes with capabilities like full internet access, voice and video conferencing, location data and more to ensure the swift deployment of instructions and assets. A variety of ruggedized sensors, surveillance cameras and other situational-intelligence solutions can be used with Aero to exchange target data in real time over long distances with control centers and all personnel involved in the mission. The system further supports military applications such as airborne and surface target tracking, night vision, long-range target identification and covert surveillance.