IoT/M2M System Integration

Real-time, Secure, Two-Way Communications

IoT/M2M System Integration

Thuraya engages with wide variety of system integrators/solution providers to build an ecosystem of value added solutions to complement our IoT/M2M products and services.
We welcome Systems Integrators who can create a difference for their customers by getting trained and incorporating Thuraya products and services. It’s a first step towards building business connections and relationships with Thuraya that leverages each other experience to grow mutual business.

If you answer YES to the following questions then just get In touch and lets have a quick chat with our M2M/IOT team.

1. Are your customers asking for seamless connectivity that can complement cellular?
2. Are your customers looking for cost effective way to interact with their remote assets?
3. Are you trying to solve today’s industrial automation problems like connectivity, remote maintenance, data collection?