Thuraya Land IOT/M2M

Real-time, Secure, Two-Way Communications

M2M Solutions

With the boom in IOT technologies, a variety of companies are emerging e.g. NBIOT, Sigfox, Lora and many others. There are no common standards but all LPWAN technologies require a WAN connection. In many instances and when you are located in remote areas, the only way to backhaul the base station is through satellite, whether it’s on Land, Sea or Air.

Satellites also tackle another factor, the financial and economic one; Costs and time required to roll out the large number of base stations needed on the ground.

Enabling growing LPWAN technologies to deliver transformational impact for:

1. Connecting remote assets
2. Providing data insights
3. Real time decision making
4. Reducing operational costs
5. Providing robust two-way communications