M2M/IOT Maritime

Real-time, Secure, Two-Way Communications

Vessel Operations & Crew Welfare

Demand for high throughput satellite connectivity is on the rise to serve the need of connected vessel and to serve crew with quality of life while at sea.

Providers of satellite communications to maritime mobility markets are integrating their VSAT solutions with L-band satellite connectivity to provide speed of VSAT and reliability of L-band services from port to port.

From merchant shipping companies to large fishing vessels, the offshore segment and mega-yachts operational, regulatory and crew requirements are putting added pressure on ship operators to provide reliable service throughout a vessel’s journey.

Rich applications for operations and crew welfare are dramatically increasing bandwidth consumption. All of these challenges must be solved while producing a positive return on investment (ROI) and improved operational efficiency in a difficult environment.

Enabling Connected vessel with Rich applications to deliver transformational impact in:

1. Creating new business opportunities for Ship and Navigation management, Ports and Customers
2. Connecting all ecosystem partners
3. Provide real time monitoring and predictive diagnostic and maintenance
4. Reducing operational costs
5. Meeting KPIs
6. Improving quality of life for seafarer

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