Seamless Connectivity

Thuraya Push-To-Talk

Managing person-to-person communications is challenging, when your work involves conversations across different communication lines. Around the world, public entities and private user groups such as police, fire brigades, military, ambulances, utilities and NGOs require dedicated communications systems to carry out their day-to-day operations - safely, securely and efficiently.

The Thuraya PTT solution has been developed by Thuraya in collaboration with Cobham SATCOM, to help users manage communications seamlessly and as cost-effectively as possible. It keeps your mobile workforce connected and extends the range of voice communications beyond line-of-sight (BLOS), regardless of where the workgroups are based. Apart from streamlining communications efficiently, Thuraya PTT enhances privacy, workforce productivity and collaboration.

Uninterrupted, real-time voice and data communications

Combining the technological expertise of Cobham SATCOM with the rich market experience of Thuraya, Thuraya PTT creates a robust, reliable and secure communications platform that enables users to reach out to an active work group at a push of a button. Our PTT solution consists of an IP-based radio communications solution that supports satellite/3G/LTE/LAN backhaul and Land Mobile Radio (LMR) integration to provide seamless switching between available networks in any situation. It is a cost effective integrated solution providing seamless connectivity and interoperability.


  • Increased coverage with amalgamation of legacy 2-way Radio, cellular and L-Band satellite
  • Interoperability among different groups with simple integration of their existing radio – analog, DMR, P25, UHF, VHT and Tetra with L-Band satellite
  • Reduces expensive terrestrial infrastructure costs
  • Compatibility with a wide range of brands of land mobile radios
  • Uninterrupted and seamless switching between satellite, cellular and LAN, ensuring zero loss of connectivity
  • Limited bandwidth needed for each PTT call
  • Availability at all time for critical communication
  • 256-bit AES Voice encryption
  • Delivers real-time data
  • Competitive pricing


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