Maritime Tracking and Monitoring Service

Thuraya SatTrack for Marine

Thuraya SatTrack for Marine is a web-based Messaging, Tracking and Monitoring service, developed for fishing vessels fitted with the Thuraya MarineStar voice, tracking and monitoring solution. It is a low-cost turnkey subscription-based application available to users as part of Thuraya’s SeaLite portfolio of narrowband services. SatTrack for Marine facilitates sustainable fishing practices, better crew safety and welfare as well as fleet visibility and management in real time.

Thuraya SatTrack for Marine helps MarineStar users stay in command and gain vital market advantage, while ensuring compliance with national and international fishing laws and regulations. Various tracking types and terminal alerts can be configured on the system enabling owners and operators to track and monitor their active vessels in real time.

  • A low cost turnkey web-based service offering messaging, tracking and monitoring
  • Re-designed to support a flexible model catering to both large scale projects and regular operational requirements
  • Provides an easy-to-use online  dashboard that displays data reported by Thuraya MarineStar terminals
  • Enables fish catch reporting which is critical for sustainable fisheries
  • Assures better crew safety and welfare through SOS alert, diverse notifications, messaging and crew calling management system
  • Ensures improved vessel visibility & management
  • Supports condition-based monitoring with third-party integrations via API
  • Boosts operational and vessel efficiencies
  • Flexible subscription-based model 
  • No bill shock
  • Ideal for Existing remote server integrations, Regulators, Ministries of Agriculture and Fisheries, Ship Owners, Ship Management, Port Authorities, Coast Guards, Maritime Transport Authorities and Coastal Surveillance Agencies 

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