Compression & Optimization

Streamlined data exchange for speedy connectivity

Compression & Optimization

When it comes to connectivity on-the-go, Thuraya promises comprehensive solutions for fast and steady communication via its L-band satellite network. With multiple compression and optimization applications that cater to sector specifications, end-users are guaranteed a swift, smooth and secure text, voice, data and video experience with family, friends, colleagues and crew worldwide.

Compression and optimization are essential for relaying faster communication at lower costs and is critical to Marine, Government, Relief, Media, Enterprise and Energy operations where constant connectivity and data transfers between multiple, often remote locations are the norm. We offer competitive, user-definable airtime packages, especially within the maritime market; and our compression counterparts render data redundancy elimination, broadband management and faster internet access when paired with Thuraya’s advanced satellite IP broadband.

The web compression capabilities significantly reduce page load time and allow for quicker email exchanges, enabling time-sensitive data to be transferred with efficiency for mission success. Optimized link bonding further allows real-time HD video streaming by balancing the stream over multiple links, while encryption and VPN capabilities ensure that all communication is carried out over a secure, private network.

Trust Thuraya to help you transfer large assets with speed and ease.