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AEP Encryption

Establishing encrypted communications links between remote locations

Thuraya products are compatible with AEP, a defense grade solution from Ultra Electronics used primarily by the military and government agencies for encrypted communications between two locations.

Easily deployed when conventional means of communications are not available, AEP allows you to move around freely without the reliance on a fixed infrastructure. Communications between two remote locations can be established with routers that enable voice, fax and data capabilities using a Thuraya IP terminal — while the encryption is a key feature to ensure that the communications link is secure.

Flexible and highly reliable

Thuraya IP and IP+ terminals are used as the primary data link for the AEP solution, and both standard and streaming services can be used. Besides the customizable encryption for complete security, you also benefit from the ease and speed of deployment to enable secure and reliable communications.

The AEP solution also includes a Mini Field Service Pack (MFSP), used together with a central site to provide the interface between the remote site and the military shore HQ or the network operations center. This unique MFSP can connect to ISDN, PSTN, GPRS, Internet and Wireless automatically, eliminating the need for user configuration.

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