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Crypto AG

The preferred solution

Crypto AG is the preferred security partner for civilian and military authorities worldwide. The Crypto AG encryption solution is used primarily by the military, governments or organizations that need swift, secure and easily-deployable communications solutions when conventional forms of communications are not accessible.

It provides users with the ability to move around freely without the reliance on a fixed communications infrastructure. Locations can be changed accordingly while ensuring that a secure communications link can be established within minutes.

Secure communications for mission-critical applications

Crypto AG is capable of connecting with central ICT infrastructure from practically any location and of using the internet services. It is used over Thuraya’s highly reliable a network with the Thuraya IP or Thuraya IP+ terminal. The encryption is a key feature which ensures that the communications link is secure and eavesdropping is prevented. The compact and durable Thuraya IP is used as the primary data link for this solution and both standard and streaming services can be used behind the solution.  Users can greatly benefit from the ease and speed of deployment as well as the customizable encryption for complete security.

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