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Modern smartphones offer the flexibility of rapid communication from virtually any location. However, this creates a risk when exchanging confidential or secret information because public networks such as GSM and WiFi are prone to tapping. Thuraya has teamed with mobile communications encryption expert Secfone to offer a “tap-proof” solution that eliminates the security risk of using smartphones and is usable anywhere within satellite coverage.

Secfone is a hardware-based mobile communications solution. All encryption and decryption takes place within a cryptochip integrated into a micro SD card, which slots into the user’s smartphone. Any user with an active Secfone account can make calls or exchange data securely with another Secfone user over Thuraya’s IP Broadband terminals and network.

How does it work over Thuraya IP Broadband Terminals?

In order to make a call or exchange data, the Secfone user must first download the Secfone app and connect his smartphone wirelessly to an active Thuraya IP Broadband terminal. Data are then encrypted within his phone’s cryptochip and routed over the Thuraya IP Broadband network to the receiving Secfone-equipped smartphone (calls and data do not pass through Secfone servers, even in encrypted form). It is not necessary for a smartphone to contain a SIM card in order to use Secfone. The solution uses MVCN (manageable virtual closed network) for authentication, secure connection management and discoverability. As an IP-based protocol, MVCN is native to the Thuraya IP Broadband network.

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