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All informed encrypted radio comms over a commercial IP link

TacSat is ideal for Defense and other government entities looking to integrate their field operations. It enables users to deploy an eRoIP network within minutes, anywhere in Thuraya’s coverage area. TacSat provides reliable, secure communication infrastructure in locations lacking dependable networks, or are altogether devoid of similar setups.

TacSat has multiple uses and capabilities, and would be ideal in a range of scenarios involving critical operations in remote areas to deliver encrypted voice and data communications.The TacSat mobile talk-through solution creates a limitless broadcast range for tactical multi-band radios using Thuraya mobile satellite broadband terminal as a backhaul bearer - in places where Beyond Line-of-Sight (BLOS) communications is vital but not possible. TacSat utilizes the iGMTT 20W repeater, which transmits encrypted voice and situational awareness data through unencrypted radios. The iGMTT repeater system is housed within a single ruggedized box and is fully self-configuring for field usages, within the frequency range of 30-512 MHz (radio specific). TacSat iGMTT delivers all informed encrypted radio communications over a commercial IP link (Thuraya, Ka, VSAT & Land ISP). Moreover, it makes use of the radios’ own encryption so that fully secure messages are conveyed over the unencrypted IP Link.

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