M2M technology for 24/7 remote monitoring ease

Remote Link

Remote Link is a rugged M2M modem with integrated actuators and trigger inputs. It allows users to establish transparent serial communications between two locations. Remote Link offers reliable 9.6kbps connectivity between central control rooms and remote terminal devices, such as flow meters and control systems on oil and gas installations. It operates from 9-16V DC and is housed in a rugged enclosure for easy installation in inhospitable locations. Remote Link is provided with a simple software graphical user interface (GUI) but is also controllable via AT commands to allow more bespoke integration with specific customer systems.

The Remote Link modem is designed for use in locations where standalone self-sufficient systems are needed. Its low power requirements allow it to be installed with green power solutions such as air turbine or solar panels (used to charge the inline battery). Remote link supports simple supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) type architectures in a peer to peer architecture. It is therefore ideal for monitoring and controlling sensors, closing contact inputs, telemetry systems and security systems.

How does it work?

Remote Link uses the Thuraya circuit switched data (CSD) communication service to establish communications between two points, and is supported by SMS to control actuators or report trigger events.





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