IP Bonding

Instant broadcast-quality transfers from distant locations


Achieve heightened streaming speeds for HD quality video transmission

Used in conjunction with Thuraya IP or Thuraya IP+, ClipWay by Geolink Satellite Services is a flexible and cost-effective software solution that enables media professionals to deliver the news from anywhere in the world.

Thuraya IP/Thuraya IP+ serves as a primary link in streaming mode for you to transfer both live streaming and stored videos to television networks from remote locations. Streaming performance can be further enhanced by coupling two Thuraya IP terminals using the ClipWay software aggregating function, which results in streaming speeds of up to 600 kbps to transmit HD quality video without any additional hardware at the encoder end.

Benefit from advanced IP bonding capabilities

By combining Thuraya IP terminals with ClipWay, broadcast media can enjoy clear and sharp results while reporting from the field. The streaming services of up to four Thuraya IP links can be bonded to get a combined throughout.

Larger transmission bandwidth are also available on demand through in-built bonding capability of ClipWay — clearly demonstrating that IP bonding is highly effective over media broadcast solutions, and is simple to execute.

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