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Secure, efficient communications

DigiGone Secure Chat is an ideal solution for text, voice, video communication that is complemented by Thuraya IP+ and IP. When used behind the Thuraya IP+ and IP, DigiGone can provide a reliable communication channel (text,audio,video)  beyond the coverage of terrestrial networks. The users would have the choice of selecting the variable audio and video parameters to choose the desired quality of the conversation in both standard and streaming speeds. Thuraya's  IP+ and IP provide asymmetric streaming services and the users can take advantage of the services by opting the selection methods of communication.

Convenient, easy to install and efficient, the DigiGone Secure Chat can be used on low bandwidth. It provides users with a secure, dependable as well as flexible platform that can be customized, depending on their bandwidth speed requirements on-the-go.

Once installed, users have an efficient means of communication with a selection of choices in audio and video quality in standard mode. While in streaming mode, users can take advantage of the asynchronous data speeds and in turn minimize cost by switching to return audio.

For heavy users, multiple user license options are also available where the cost of ownership is reduced considerably and efficient quality is guaranteed with very low bandwidths.

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