Netted Communication

Converged voice and data communication for ‘closed’ groups

Netted Communication

Netted communication solutions deliver swift, ‘protected’ connectivity by converging radio, internet and mobile phone lines onto one safe contact ‘net’ or platform supported by Thuraya. Our netted communication plank provides a superior communication option for those based at sea or at remote locations and allows them to have encrypted, secure connectivity ease at multiple locations beyond line-of-sight and terrestrial coverage.

Cost effective and scalable, netted communication solutions enable data to be received from users worldwide onto one platform at even a remote HQ base. In this way, devices with individuals dispatched across the world can be managed from one location and there is no hindrance to decision-making between command centers and field operatives.

Additionally, the system can be formatted such that pre-defined user groups are contacted with just one button. It is the ideal tool for critical mission success in sectors such as Government, Marine, Relief, Media, Leisure, Energy and Enterprise where quick deployment and secure connectivity are an absolute necessity.

Wherever your mission takes you, Thuraya makes sure you are heard.