Netted Communication

Converged voice and data communication for ‘closed’ groups

Thuraya GSM

Communication beyond terrestrial networks
Thuraya’s GSM solution provides added convenience for users who need to communicate using their existing GSM phones beyond terrestrial GSM networks. The solution is used to extend GSM services to remote locations with Thuraya IP or IP+ as the backbone link. Thuraya GSM gives end-users added mobility, more freedom and fewer restrictions to communicate.
Thuraya GSM is an ideal companion for organizations with units deployed at sea or in remote locations that need clear, steady connectivity and uninterrupted communications. Thuraya GSM users can enjoy the convenience of voice, SMS and GmPRS using a regular GSM phone in remote locations as all calls are established over satellite in the packet mode.
Thuraya IP and IP+ users can enjoy benefits such as the ease of deployment of remote GSM networks with a GSM in a box approach that is both swift and efficient instantaneously.

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