Netted Communication

Converged voice and data communication for ‘closed’ groups

Thuraya NettedComms

Thuraya NettedComms gives you the security and interoperability crucial to remote mission critical assignments. It allows you to establish a single remote headquarters that can handle communication from multiple devices and locations on a single platform making remote locations feel like home base.

Government agencies and security/defence forces now demand more cost effective and immediately deployable forms of communication than ever before. Effective communication is not optional, but a necessity. Thuraya in association with Speakerbus has built its reputation on providing tailored solutions that meet and exceed these demands. Where markets require voice communications that are instant, reliable and of the highest quality, Thuraya’s unique combination of modular communications platforms has the flexibility to provide instant, open audio or video conferences over local, wide area or global networks.

Key Benefits:

a) Talk to pre-defined users: Thuraya NettedComms is a unique solution that enables you to talk instantly to a pre-defined group of users with a single press of a button.

b) Flexible modular solution: Using leading edge Voice over Internet Protocols (VoIP). Thuraya NettedComms provides a flexible solution that is modular and easily deployed over fixed or   satellite networks.

c) Ethernet-based: Requiring only a single Ethernet port per user; has a high level of built-in and network resilience.

d) Highly cost effective: A solution that is scalable to thousands of users.


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