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Axia Soho

Maximize the communications capabilities of your offshore operations

Used in conjunction with Thuraya IP or Thuraya IP+, the AXIA SOHO wireless communications server provides the convenience in extending VoIP connections to remote locations — making it a powerful instrument for the energy industry, where many of the field operations take place offshore.

AXIA SOHO is designed for remote office extensions using Thuraya IP terminals as its connectivity link, offering greater efficiency and flexibility. Its remote monitoring and usage facilitate easy access and greater effectiveness, presenting clear benefits for the oil and gas sector. You have the choice of using either a single analog phone or use the Wi-Fi provided by AXIA SOHO unit to make voice calls from your smartphone.

Benefit from uninterrupted connectivity and reliable coverage

Providing an immediate unifying network solution, AXIA SOHO replaces all your standard network devices with a single, easy-to-install and user-friendly server that operates as a HSDPA Router, Wi-Fi Access Point, IP-PBX system, GSM Office Phone complete with VoIP, SMS, Applications with File and Print Server features.

The AXIA SOHO unit also serves as an extended group where users from the remote group can be reached via a unique number assigned to their ID. Two units can be remotely connected — using Thuraya IP at one end, users will be able to communicate with each other as the extended group, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and reliable coverage.

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