Secure VPN

Secure and private communication, wherever you go

Secure VPN

When dealing with top-level missions, an easy-to-deploy, steady, and secure communication system is of the utmost importance. With years of expertise in servicing civil defense, military, government, enterprise, marine and energy projects, Thuraya understands how to deliver cutting-edge solutions for high-priority undertakings and crisis communications.

Our key service partnerships further the provision of full field communication solutions that are portable and easily enable voice, VOIP, radio (push-to-play) and data access over an advanced, VPN-enabled network. Given the nature of the field work, these solutions are designed to meet operational challenges and promote efficiency with reduced bandwidth requirements, which in turn improves download speeds, saves power and cuts costs. Along with compression, voice data is optimized for clear and direct communication from command stations to operation sites, however remote they may be.

Thuraya delivers the vital support to always keep your classified missions connected with top communication channels.