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Archon GoSilent

Archon Secure enables secure, mission-critical communications from anywhere, at any scale. Providing both hardware and data services, Archon’s solutions are customizable, rapid time to value, manageable, scalable, and NSA-compliant. In its partnership with Thuraya, Archon will provide Thuraya's customers safe and secure channels for broadband communications, further expanding Thuraya's portfolio of superior and easily deployable solutions.

The GoSilent Cube is the smallest and lightest hardware IPSEC VPN and firewall device available and enables secure communications from anywhere. GoSilent Cube is National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) protection profile-compliant and listed on the NSA’s Commercial Solutions for Classified Program (CSfC) Program Component List.

How does it work over Thuraya's IP Broadband terminals?

The Archon GoSilent Cube easily connects to any Thuraya broadband terminal with minimal configuration and provides effective security for data transfers. Using the GoSilent Cube’s intuitive interface, users can easily connect their mobile devices and data communication kits and take advantage of a true, end-to-end encrypted link between remote devices and enterprise or tactical servers across the world. Once a broadband terminal has connected and encrypted data shared, the service at the other end of the terminal decrypts and shares the data with the end user. 

The quick and easy setup process requires no software downloads, which not only makes installation and maintenance easier, but also removes the need for constant IT support. The GoSilent Cube can also provide enhanced connectivity, regardless of the connection type, including public ethernet or Wi-Fi networks, LTE, satellite, and radio.

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